Category: Ages 7-13
Format: Children's book/Hardback
Dimension: 18,5 cms x 21 cms
Pages: 48
Price: 12 €
Year: 2021
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Written by jacabook

The intense story of Holy Week, from the passion of Jesus to his death and Resurrection. A great story of faith, told to children with simplicity and accompanied by illustrations with a strong line, as strong as the events of the last days of Jesus' life. A book that accompanies children through the gestures and the most significant moments of Holy Week, the liturgical season that opens with Palm Sunday and closes with Easter Sunday. From entering Jerusalem to the preparation of the Cenacle, to the washing of the feet, described as one of the humblest gestures that Jesus performs towards his disciples to the point of leaving them disconcerted. From the supper in which Jesus breaks the bread and drinks the wine gathered at the table for the last time with the twelve, to the night that Christ spends in prayer in the garden of olives, a night full of fear and anguish because he knows that his death is now close. The stages of the Via Crucis are narrated with great intensity and illustrated by the plates of Franco Vignazia, who with a decisive stroke emphasizes the suffering of these moments. The story ends with Jesus, now risen, appearing to the disciples on their way to Emmaus. They will know how to recognize him only when, sitting together at the table, he breaks the bread again.

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