Category: Ages 7-13
Format: Children's book/Hardback
Dimension: 26 cms x 21,5 cms
Pages: 32
Price: 14 €
Year: 2021


Written by jacabook

Sometimes a sad story can have the most beautiful of endings, as happens in fairy tales. Emma's story confirms this. A great message of hope for so many parents who fight hard every day for their happy ending. A story that shows young readers how a misadventure can have unexpectedly positive implications and how hospitals, often so feared by children, can also be places of welcome and play. Emma is having a nice walk in the woods with her friends. But suddenly she gets hurt: a tractor knocks her over, Emma hits her head and she can't wake up anymore. A helicopter quickly takes her to the hospital where she undergoes an emergency operation. After her intervention, mom and dad are always next to her. Emma needs to rest for a long time, on her head they put a magical hat that has the shape of a turban and will help her heal soon! After a few days Emma finally wakes up: what a joy! She embraces mum and dad, her little brother Tommaso, her aunt, her grandfather ... and soon she will be able to see her friends again. Emma's story is a true story. In October 2019, the little girl, who was 2 years and 8 months old at the time, was hit by a van without a handbrake in front of the kindergarten she was attending. At that precise moment, a long journey between life and death begins, marked by numerous interventions and a couple of months of hospitalization. Emma's mother tells her story with the disarming simplicity of someone who has touched the abyss but was able to emerge stronger than before.

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