Fred Licht

Fred Licht was a distinguished art historian, recognized as an expert on Francisco de Goya, museum curator and lecturer in US universities, from Princeton to the University of Florida and Boston. His family, who fled Germany shortly before the "Crystal Night" which marked the eruption of Nazi ideology, wandered between Holland, France and Switzerland before moving to the United States. He obtained US nationality in 1946; in 1953 he became a professor of art history at Princeton, but he also stayed for a long time in Italy, in Venice in particular, where he came into contact with the famous collector Peggy Guggenheim. On the front line with his wife in 1966 to save Florence's artistic heritage from the tragic flooding of the Arno, he returned to the United States in the early 1970s due to the political climate marred by the first Red Brigades attacks. He left a deep mark on the history of art with a rich production of studies and publications

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