Pepe Navarro

Pepe Navarro is an extraordinary photographer who has performed spectacular reportages in very different places on the planet, but architecture remains his constant love. Like no other, Navarro has climbed the pinnacles with his camera and examined the vaults of Antoni Gaudí's church-mountain, and with him we experience the vertigo of this place that seems to defy the laws of gravity. The work of the brilliant Catalan architect seemed abandoned to oblivion for decades after the end of the Second World War, showing only two partially advanced sections. The question was: to leave the project in the state in which the author had left it, or to intervene without Gaudí but using his directives and his calculations? The decision to continue according to the detailed drawings and studies left by Gaudí was the subject of a dramatic debate in Catalonia, until the worldwide appeal that the Sagrada Familia has exercised in the most recent decades convinced the government and the Church of Catalonia to continue the works. Jaca Book has published several volumes on the cathedral, following the events involving the Sagrada Familia over the past forty years.