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In the wake of the Augustinian message of "The city of God", the Middle Ages are the beginning of a new era. One civilization dies, the apparently eternal and immutable one of the Roman Empire, and another is born on the foundations of Christianity. This illustrated historical atlas develops the essential features of the production and transmission of medieval knowledge and its disciplines, crossing them with cultural and social concepts, with the different moments and styles of the history of art and religious life. Both in cartography and in texts, ample space is given to the main stages of socio-political history and the result is a synthetic fresco that guides us to the knowledge of the medieval West from the end of the fourth century to the beginning of the sixteenth century, enriched by a extensive photographic documentation of places, architecture and works of art. We come across a great culture, in some great characters and in fundamental moments in the history of universal knowledge, in which Christianity, with its own institutions and expressions, offers a basic impulse and guarantees the balance of powers for the benefit of the freedom of city and people. This historical Atlas, with the contribution of internationally renowned scholars, is proposed as a synthetic tool useful for the knowledge of the European Middle Ages.

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