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Year: 2020
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Giuseppe Panza, protagonist of the international collecting of the twentieth century, has created since the fifties one of the most interesting art collections of the American painting masters of the second postwar period. An authentic mentor of the contemporary world, Giuseppe Panza di Biumo approached American and European painting of the second postwar early on, with original insights and personal relationships with the artists, building a fundamental and unconventional collection to understand the artistic evolution of that period. The collection, focused on American art, can be visited inside what was once his home, Villa Panza in Varese, now owned by the FAI. After graduating in law in 1954, Giuseppe made a trip to the United States that would particularly influence his aesthetic imagination and stimulate him to give life to his art collection. After his initial interest in informal art and Pop Art, in the sixties and seventies, he focused on minimalist, conceptual and environmental art. The discovery of Dan Flavin dates back to this period. Inspired by Duchampian ready-mades, he created modular sculptures with neon lights, until then only intended for functional and commercial use. At Villa Panza, Flavin's installations occupy a large part of a wing on the upper floor and flank the site-specific interventions by James Turrell and Robert Irwin: white boxes with acoustic and architectural glimpses, where interior and exterior merge and blend. More recent is the corpus of monochromes by Phil Sims, Ruth Ann Fredenthal, Ford Beckman, Max Cole, Ettore Spalletti and Alfonso Fratteggiani Bianchi, symbiotic with the sumptuous furnishings and natural brightness of the villa.

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