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Year: 2021
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Written by jacabook

History of art, religions, anthropology, philosophy and science intersect around the theme of light. The volume, thanks to the contributions of many international authors, analyzes and compares fundamental cultural and artistic experiences in the history of humanity: prehistory, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the ancient world, the Middle Ages and the modern world. According to Mircea Eliade, the contemplation of the celestial vault and its luminosity mobilized the conscience of the first men, provoking the sense of transcendence. The architecture and art from ancient China to the Middle East, from the classical world to the Middle Ages and the contemporary world have shown a constant commitment to the search for light, which in some periods becomes a central and essential research. Every religion and culture has a symbolism of light. If every symbol, as Julien Ries recalls, is the sign that allows the passage from the visible to the invisible, the symbolism of light implies in particular the hermeneutics of the invisible. Light in art, in fact, connects man with both the infinite and the deepest moods. 

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