Category: Art
Format: Illustrated/Hardback
Dimension: 24 cms x 30 cms
Pages: 240
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Year: 2020
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Written by jacabook

An unprecedented approach to the theme of the Nativity and the different interpretations that art has given over the centuries. From Giotto to the stained glass windows of Chartres, from Filippo Lippi to Georges de la Tour, up to Arcabas: the artistic effort in representing the symbolic event of the Christian faith. The birth of Jesus, mysteriously conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of a young virgin woman named Mary, is the cornerstone of the Good News and of all Christian doctrine on the Word of God made man. An inexplicable event rationally but a source of great hopes, the Nativity has been the object, over the centuries, of contemplation and amazement. Celebrated and represented in art from the beginnings of Christianity to the present day, it has shone in all ages and on all continents reached by the spread of the Gospel. This book presents a selection of fifty works of art. The oldest Nativity dates back to the 4th century and the most recent is from 2018. Each one is reproduced in full page, enriched by a descriptive comment, which highlights the historical context and the literary, theological and artistic sources of inspiration and interpretation.

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