Category: History
Format: Illustrated/Hardback
Dimension: 21,5 cms x 29 cms
Pages: 256
Price: 50 €
Year: 2020
Rights Sold: French, German
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Written by jacabook

An ideal flight through the landscapes and architectural complexes of the Italian peninsula, to rediscover their extraordinary beauty and be aware of the effects of unstoppable urbanization. A fresco of the surprising harmony between landscape and architectural organisms scattered across Italy in a varied and stratified way. A visual journey through the great seasons of Italian artistic and architectural history, to read the complex and changing legacy of the Belpaese heritage and interpret the signs of the past in relation to the contemporary context. The volume presents in a bird's eye perspective an accurate selection of natural landscapes and the multifaceted typology of architecture that has been incorporated over time. The narrative therefore offers a sequence of portraits of the most emerging construction phenomena in Italian history, articulated according to a thematic and chronological order that from the Roman age - whose imprint is still decisive for the identity of the Italian landscape - arrives at the beginning of the 19th century, on the eve of the great industrialization.

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