Category: Music
Format: Illustrated/Hardback
Dimension: 24,5 cms x 23 cms
Pages: 188
Price: 50 €
Year: 2021
Signs: 20.000
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Written by jacabook

The texts by Gino Castaldo and the photographs by Daria Addabbo compose an unrepeatable tribute to the great songwriter, retracing the places of the italian province celebrated in many of his songs. A photographic diary that follows the suggestions of the songs of Francesco Guccini. Daria Addabbo's photographs, which have already win important awards, narrate how the places described by the musician have changed and highlight the signs that time has left. The progress of the seasons, which constitutes the architecture of the book and refers to the seasons of existence, composes a photo editing built in four chapters, that Gino Castaldo's words expertly counterpoint by opening glimpses of Guccini's history. Time and space are at the center of this story in images, the time of the individual is intertwined with History. The Italian province, celebrated in many poems by the bolognese songwriter, is an ancient and precious foothold against the search for modernity at any cost.

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