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Year: 2021
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Written by jacabook

Four stories of Love and Photography analyzes various conditions of love photography and examines images that assert the need for love in all the various shades and degrees of intensity, from passionate love photography to images of unconditional love. This volume identifies some examples of love photography produced in the twentieth century, and examines the consequences of the photographic act conceived as an image of falling in love with the Other and with the world. More specifically, the text recalls how (and how much) photography has been able to make itself loved and argues that in order to fully understand it, it is necessary to identify the laws of loving energetics, introduced into circulation by the optical image. The text focuses on the analysis of photographic practices and illustrative images of various stages of love to affirm the need for a story of love photography, a scientific treatment of images full of human tensions, catalysts of energy and emotional approaches " from one self to the other”, examining the energy components and analyzing the consequences. The volume opens with a text dedicated to surrealist photography and the pioneering illustrated books by André Breton Nadja (1928) and L'Amour fou (1935), continuing with the "apostle" of photography W. Eugene Smith and his two essays Country Doctor (1948) and Nurse Midwife (1951). This is followed by the analysis of the famous portrait Gandhi and the spinning wheel (1946) by Margaret Bourke White, risen as a universal manifesto of solidarity and unconditional love. The volume ends with a reflection on family portraits as images that initiate us into the literacy of love.

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