Category: Architecture
Format: Illustrated/Softback
Dimension: 21,5 cms x 27 cms
Pages: 296
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Year: 2017
Signs: 320.000
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Written by jacabook

The fascinating history of the Monumental Cemetery of Milano. The text offers a historical and chronological framework, where events that happened in Milan in a certain period of years are considered in parallel; outstanding moments, such as the inauguration of the Crematorium in 1876, the opening of the Jewish Cemetery in 1872 and the Cimitero Maggiore in 1895, along with the enlargements of the ‘30’s and 80’s of the nineteenth century. The tone of the narration is pleasant, rich in anecdotes, curious facts, quotations from personal correspondence; everything is strictly documented. The second part focuses on important authors; to each of them is dedicated a monographic chapter. This section is realized with the contribution of scholars, experts, curators of museums and foundations: (Marco Campiglio; Elena Pontiggia; the curator of the Butti Museum in Viggiù and of the Bistolfi Foundation of Casale Monferrato; Fania Cavaliere; Sara Bodini of the Bodini Foundation). An iconographic dictionary of the funerary symbols - both lay and religious,  realized in a graphic form - completes the work.

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