Category: History
Format: Essay/Paperback
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Year: 2020


Written by jacabook

«Nothing seemed different from the usual at 10.25 on August 2, 1980 in Bologna. Faces, eyes, hands, looks, chats. People who wanted to live a peaceful summer. It happened forty years ago at the Bologna station, before something turned it into a great factory of pain and death». With descriptive efficacy, the author analyzes the massacre and the long journey of the "Association of relatives of the victims of the massacre at the Bologna station", recounting stories of men and women affected by an attack whose authors are today known and instigators can be glimpsed. They have been asking for truth and justice for forty years, to never forget. Biacchessi has benefited from the collaboration of Paolo Boolognesi, president of the association of the victims of the massacre.


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