Category: History
Format: Essay/Paperback
Dimension: 15 cms x 23 cms
Pages: 224
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Year: 2018


Written by jacabook

An analysis of the post-Chavez against any simplistic reading, the result of the author’s journalistic work through her travels in Venezuela before and after the Venezuelan president’s death. For the Bolivarian revolution established by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela since 1998 it has been possible to speak of a model that has been the driving force behind the awakening of Latin American Marxism. Now this enthusiasm seems to be cooled down. After Chavez, in his place is Maduro, who is ruling against the regularly elected Parliament. The presidential elections scheduled for December 2018 will be presented to us as a clash of civilizations between the democracy of the parliaments and the corrupt and inefficient dictatorship of the latest and worst version of tropical socialism.

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