Category: History
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Year: 2020


Written by jacabook

The little-known reality of the fascist labor and detention camps is revealed for the first time in its real dimensions, much broader and more articulated than it was known. Thanks to unpublished documents and testimonies, a story made of abuse, hatred and annihilation, reveals all the cruelty of the fascist regime. The book reveals, through a shocking research, the true number of places of detention of every order and degree that the fascist regime had set up to intern opponents, anti-fascists, Jews, the "differents" and prisoners of war used as slaves in forced and coercive labor camps. The author, who personally conducted a series of field research collecting the testimonies of some survivors, made use of the remarkable and very important research work carried out by the site This book is indispensable to tackle with maturity a painful theme that the Italian people, unlike the German one, has always refused to face. It is essential to deepen our knowledge in order to make democracy stronger and prevent the return of dark ideologies for the future of the world.

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