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Year: 2018
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Written by jacabook

Unpublished photos of his famous travel to Italy in 1968, his first and only tour in Italy. More than 50 unpublished backstage photos, reproductions of newspaper articles, tickets and memorabilia. In May 2018, fifty years have passed from the italian tour of Jimi Hendrix, his first and only tour in Italy. In addition to unpublished photos, the volume displays many vintage articles to give a national and international socio-cultural picture of the time. It was the legendary May ’68. Direct testimonies, interviews with celebrities and common people that met, saw and spent time with the genius of guitar during the three dates of his tour: Milan, Bologna and Rome. The book will include also a lot of other contributions and useful researches to contextualize that period, to analyze the enviroment and the collective behaviors of that time, to draw a parallel between Hendrix italian visit and international news and events, documenting also the italian and foreign soundtracks of that fundamental season. There are no videos of the Jimi Hendrix italian tour, but the book presents a wide selection of concerts of the same period and some priceless audio recordings. The great historical and documentary value of this unpublished material, recovered from amateurs and collectors - original newspapers, magazines of the time, posters and entrance tickets – gives the reader a perspective never offered before.

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