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Written by jacabook

"... vous verrez mon corps actuel / voler en eclats / et se ramasser / sous dix mille aspects / notoires / un corps neuf / ou vous ne pourrez / plus jamais / m'oublier "

With the above words Antonin Artaud dismissed his endless theatrical, poetic, intellectual, existential work, entrusting it to a destiny of proliferation and recomposition in a new body: his own body, exploded and disseminated in unpredictable germinations of knowledge. No study dedicated to Antonin Artaud can aspire to ultimativeness, but only testify in what forms that body lives, dies and is reborn, returning as an interpellation addressed to the heart of Western civilization. The volume collects the twenty-year itineraries conducted by the author through the graphic body of Antonin Artaud, ranging from surrealist writings to the manifesto for the creation of the "theater of cruelty", from "revolutionary messages" (born from the encounter with extra-European traditions) to synaesthetic writing (painting, voice, writing, gesture).

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