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Juan María Laboa is the best-known Spanish historian of the Church. Known first of all for his works on contemporaneity, he has also studied the themes of the origins of Christianity and of the councils, as well as having studied the most complex and controversial moments in the history of the Church. His History of the Popes contextualizes each figure in its historical moment with the political-social values and with the situation of the Church over time. Laboa gives a picture of the personality of each pontiff, of his cultural positions, of the spiritual and secular witness, of the ability to govern and also of peculiar aspects of the character that have determined decisions and behaviors. Easy to read even for the public who does not know the history of the Church, the work is the result of enormous research and is also an indispensable tool for professionals, scholars and students. The figure of the Catholic Pontiff has always been at the center of international attention, especially in the time we are living in.

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