Category: Religions
Format: Essay/Paperback
Dimension: 15 cms x 23 cms
Pages: 192
Price: 12 €
Year: 2016


Written by jacabook

A short work by Panikkar, unpublished on a worldwide level, a rare inquiry into political  philosophy on the part of the Indian-Catalan thinker. Starting from the state of degradation of the Indian continent, the author observes that the modern development pursued by his country has not led to the promised liberation because it has been channelled into the wrong way. We are facing the false dilemma between Modernity and Obscurantism, which is a form of Indra’s Myth. We must not oppose technocratic liberalism and the Western myth of rationality to a “Sanskritization” of  India, which has already produced oppressed people and pariahs, but a new dimension of modernity; a  new kind of Indra’s myth, capable of reconciliation.

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