Category: Religions
Format: Essay/Paperback
Dimension: 15 cms x 23 cms
Pages: 80
Price: 12 €
Year: 2014
Rights Sold: Spanish, Catalan


Written by jacabook

Raimon Panikkar converses with Rabbi Pinchas Lapide during an interview by Anton Kenntemich. The result of this conversation is a work capable of unsettling what Christians think of Jews and what Jews think of Christians, highlighting at the same time the potential risk of a semplification of both Christianity and Judaism. As Raimon Panikkar and Julien Ries used to repeat, there is no dialogue without mutual benefit. This is a work about fundamental themes such as idolatry, the experience of openness, liberty, the infinite and the undescribable. Words that contain an inexpressible mistery which unifies the two different cultures.

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