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The book, as in a sort of "chronicle from the Pontificate" that reaches up to the present day, analyzes the many issues raised by the Pope that feed the public debate involving also exponents of secular culture. Borghesi analyzes the internal drama that tears apart the Church today, its origins and its protagonists, and the risk that it could lead to an international "schism". When Jorge Mario Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis, on March 13, 2013, the ecclesial legacy he faces is not just that of clergy scandals and corruption of morals. It is also an ideological legacy consolidated in the Catholic world after the fall of communism. This is the "American" model founded on the union between ethical battles against secularization (cultural war) and the identification of Catholicism with the American “spirit” and capitalism. Intellectuals such as Michael Novak, George Weigel, Richard Neuhaus, Robert Sirico elaborated, starting from the 1980s, this synthesis through a highly deformed rereading of John Paul II's Centesimus annus. With this they became, in the 1990s, the opinion makers of the Church in the USA and Europe. The Catholic world, previously fascinated by Marxism, finds itself in a liberal-conservative ecclesial and political model. The advent of the Latin American Pope causes the crisis of this perspective and the consequent reaction with the threat of the "American schism". It is the drama of the Church today, deeply divided within itself. The volume analyzes the reaction of the Catholic Neoconservatives in the Church of Francis, studying the time of his pontificate up today.

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