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Ibn Khaldun's work is of an extraordinary modernity, but is simultaneously and deeply inserted in the historical context in which it was born. An essential book to discover one of the most important Arab thinkers. The third chapter of the Muqaddimah dedicated to political power, presented here in an broad anthological form, has the objective of answering some basic questions: how are dynasties in power born? How do they conquer it compared to other competing groups? What role does the spirit of the body play in this development? And the religious element? The author starts from the analysis of the forms in which power is constituted, highlighting two fundamental elements: spirit of body and religion. The whole text develops the dialectical relationship between these two elements. A summa of medieval Islamic knowledge (with the many cultural references that the author inserts in the text) that embraces the social phenomenon (object of the investigation) taking into consideration the geographical-demographic, political, economic and cultural aspects, with constant references to the Islamic doctrine.

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