Category: Ages 5-7
Format: Children's book/Hardback
Dimension: 23 cms x 28,5 cms
Pages: 32
Price: 14 €
Year: 2017
Link: Link


Written by jacabook

The volume narrates the main moments of the life, and especially of the human and religious experience of Francis of Assisi. From his childhood when, as the son of the rich merchant Pietro Bernardone, took part in the cheerful gatherings of wealthy young people, to his farewell to that world and to the society of the time. Francis experiences a new beginning in the name of poverty, prayer and fraternity. The story continues with the encounter with the Pope, up to the writing of the New Rule, the meeting with Chiara d’Assisi, the trip to the sultan of Egypt to build peace, until the farewell of the beloved retreat of La Verna and his death in Assisi.

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